Want to rapidly grow your Instagram to 200k+ followers?

Learn the exact strategies I used to grow my brand's Instagram account.

My name is Kevin Tang, and I'll be your instructor for Instagram Explosion. In over a year, I've used Instagram to take my business to 6-figures in revenue and over 200k followers. In this course you will learn exactly what I did to make it happen.

Instagram is the perfect platform for getting more sales, traffic, & leads. 

In 2016, it's still EASY to get a large following through Instagram (and monetize them).

In fact, it took me less than a year to get 200k followers to my brand's Instagram account (you can see it below).

And I barely tried.

I'm not saying that to brag. When I first started using Instagram, I didn't know it would help my business at all. At first, I thought it was just a fad.

But then I realized that my followers were coming to me fairly easily, and I got a lot of really targeted traffic to my site. I quickly got to 10k followers, then 50k. And I still wasn't TRYING. I was just posting pictures every few days.

Within a few months, I decided to really figure out how to leverage Instagram into paying customers.

When I made the decision to focus on Instagram, my brand absolutely exploded. Sales were through the roof. And I was even getting connections to extremely hard-to-reach celebrities.

Over the year, I became well-versed in Instagram and the tactics necessary to grow an account.

I can confidently say that right now, Instagram is definitely the #1 social media platform you must dominate if you want to achieve exponential business growth. (Keep reading to find out why Facebook fails).

So why is Instagram the BEST social media to get you traffic, leads, and revenue?

  •  Massive Engagement. Instagram was built for engagement, which is why you'll see a much larger percentage of your fans engaging with your content.
  • Viral Mechanisms. Instagram has built in functionality that allows for people to easily discover new posts. Shoutouts, hashtags, the discover page, and many other functions make it easy to achieve quick growth.
  • A lot of brands still don't know how to use it. That means smart business owners who KNOW how to use Instagram have a huge advantage on the platform. This also means there's less "noise" on the platform.
  • Organic customer acquisition. Unlike Facebook, which makes you PAY for exposure to your FB page, Instagram ALWAYS shows your posts. This makes it free for you to reach your entire audience.

Instagram has the highest engagement rates amongst ALL social media platforms.

Raise your hand if you've tried to grow your business on Facebook.

You probably worked really hard to create content & blog posts. You've added Facebook "Like boxes" everywhere and  you told your audience to "Like" your page on FB.

And what does Facebook do?

Facebook BARELY shows your audience your posts. In fact, on average only 5-10% of your entire audience even sees a post in their timeline and less than 1% actually CLICK on your post.

My Facebook page has 175k followers, but I get a measly 65 likes per post. That's just bad.

Instagram is the social network with the HIGHEST engagement numbers. In fact, brands see on average 5700% HIGHER engagement than Facebook. Yes, you read that right. And for Twitter, that number grows to 120000%. Yikes!

Looking for a free or low-cost customer acquisition? Instagram is your solution.

Google Adwords and Facebook Ads are great for some people and businesses.

​But for many others, paid advertising is very cost prohibitive. If you're a startup, you can't really afford to lose $1000 on ads that didn't convert.

On the other hand, Instagram accounts generally grow very organically.

When I first started, I spent $300 on a few paid shoutouts.

​And I NEVER spent a dime after that.

Despite my lack of advertising spend, Instagram has easily been my #1 customer acquisition channel. Hands down.​

That's because Instagram has built in viral mechanisms (like shoutouts) that help pages grow organically very fast. Add these viral mechanisms to the massive engagement that Instagram accounts get and you have a recipe for quick growth.

This is how we quickly scaled our business to a 6-figure revenue in only one year.​

How did I use Instagram to generate a 6-figure revenue?

A lot of people don't believe they can make profit with Instagram. Here are questions or concerns I hear all the time.

"There's only 1 thing you can link to (your bio link). How in the world can you get traffic with just that 1 link?"

"There's no way to TRACK my sales. I can't invest time and money into something I can't track."

"Just because you have followers doesn't mean anything. Instagram followers don't buy anything."

Wrong on all 3 counts.

Not only did I generate tons of traffic, but that traffic converted at a much higher rate than my other traffic sources.​

Here are some traffic numbers from my Google Analytics within a SINGLE month. (10% of the traffic came from Instagram)

Traffic from Instagram converted to mailing list subscribers 120% better than my other traffic, and it also converted to paid customers 250% better than my other traffic.

One of the key strategies I will teach you is how to get Instagram followers from Instagram to your website, despite having only 1 link to use. This little nugget is the key formula to getting a 6-figure revenue off of Instagram.

Let's make your Instagram account grow EXPONENTIALLY.

When I first started out on Instagram, I literally didn't do anything. I mean I posted a picture maybe once a week. Maybe once every 2 weeks.

As you can probably imagine, that didn't help us grow very fast. At the beginning it was linear growth.

But even with me barely trying to work on Instagram, I noticed that my follower count was steadily increasing.

That's when I got curious and tried a little bit harder. I must have spent hours learning about the platform, trying multiple strategies, and perfecting my approach to Instagram.

And that's when I saw exponential VIRAL growth.

If you start out without a plan, you'll spend months without getting impactful growth. But with a concrete plan, you'll be able to experience massive growth in a shorter amount of time.

So let me show you what I learned from 100's of hours of trial and error on Instagram.

In Instagram Explosion, you'll learn the most effective strategies that I used to build my brand to 200k followers.

You've tried social media through Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

You've tried buying ads.

You've gotten on Instagram, but you have no idea how to get followers & build your brand.

I'll teach you everything I learned going from 0 to 200k followers on Instagram. I'll show you what worked, what didn't work, and how you can effectively grow your account.

Instagram Explosion the PREMIUM Course

Let's get down to what exactly you'll learn with this video course.

  1. How to setup your Instagram page for VIRAL growth: Before we start growing a page, we have to learn how to make our page look as nice as possible, and fixing LEAKS that are hindering your growth.
  2. Early Tactics: Get through the beginner's GRIND. These are the early tactics that will help you grow your Instagram brand from 0-200k.
  3. 200k+ Beyond: I'll show you ADVANCED strategies used by accounts that have 150k-1m followers.
  4. Converting followers to REVENUE: Once you've amassed a following, it's time to use tools & analytics to leverage that following into customers. I'll teach you how.
  5. Essential tools for Instagram. You'll need these to track your growth and make it easier to grow your brand's Instagram account.
  6. Personal access to me for questions. I'll answer any questions you have about the course inside the course!

See what some of our customers have to say:

Awesome, practical Instagram tips I didn't find elsewhere.

This was a great overall course! Lots of useful content that were in-depth and not just fluff I'd find on most online sites. I like how Kevin was transparent with the analytics and tools he's used, and trial and error he did with his companies. Good explanations that everyone can understand. 5 stars!

Tyler lai Photographer

Real World Value.

This Is a great course for anyone who wants to grow their brand and their business through social media. Instagram is a powerful SM tool, and its power can aid in your success. I liked the fact that the instructor is not repeating textbook contents. He uses his real business and real successes as examples. He gives plenty of tips and tricks on niches and strategies that will help you along. Definitely worth the price of admission.

Paul proto Digital Marketer

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Loved the course!

Quick, concise and totally applicable as soon as the course was complete. The speed and content were easy to follow. The production quality was amazing, I'm happy it was so interactive which allows me to know how utilize it on my own social media. Looking forward to more lectures!

Emily Tang Blogger & Podcaster

Comprehensive & interesting...

I've completed about 60% of the course so far and I wanted to leave my impressions, which have been really awesome. The instructor discusses a lot of interesting components to starting off on Instagram and introduces tools that I never heard about but will use now.


Not sure if Instagram Explosion is right for you? Let's talk about it.

Not EVERY brand & business can do well on Instagram. One good example is Paypal. They SUCK on Instagram. That's because their service (sending money) doesn't rely on many visuals.

You have to be a company that relies on VISUAL marketing. Any company that is visually based can use Instagram very effectively to achieve growth. Fitness, fashion, cars, luxury, photography, makeup, art, and MANY other niches are using Instagram everyday to achieve amazing growth.

But here's a freebie to get you started.

Instagram Explosion is a premium course and we offer content that will be targeted more to advanced users. So for beginners, we're offering a free mini course on growth hacking your Instagram account. It's 100% free.

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P.S. Right now is the easiest time to get results using Instagram. Act now and learn how to grow your page.